Technical Advice: The Top Spin 

It is the flagship shot of the range of attack shots. Many players “play top spin”, “seek to topspin”, “are good on table tennis  top”…. ”

Top spinner at the table ”, and“ top spinner at mid-distance ”are styles of play in their own right. The former will use strong spin and placement to score the point, the latter varying the amount of spin and placement to cause the foul.

Top spin is an Anglicism, “spin” meaning rotation, and “top” meaning high . The top spin is a technical shot using the action of RUBBING the ball, as the name suggests from the bottom up, which could be translated as: forward spin stroke.

The top spin is used a lot by forwards . Because it is often the parade which makes it possible to leave the game in cut balls. It is also a safer hit than a hit. (The rotation tends to bring the ball down on the table)

Printing maximum forward spin with this shot is often synonymous with gaining the point, as the ball becomes very difficult for the opponent to control. (The latter will have to master one of the “block shots” to get out of it, and this is rarely the case, even if the block is successful, the ball that comes back is often mid-high and allows a conclusion)

Regardless of how this stroke is played, the player simply has to rub the ball from the bottom up. To be effective, this stroke is generally performed with the forearm in a forehand, and with the wrist in the back. Why are these short segments rather than the shoulder or the arm? Because this shot requires incredible finesse, associated with great speed. Producing spin is only possible with a very fine touch and intense acceleration just before contact with the ball.

Among the top players, we can cite the power of the backhand top spin of the Greek Kalinikos Kreanga, winner of the European top 12 in 2011.

  • We can also cite the German Timo Boll, for his aggressiveness in the top spin of the forehand. Boll is currently the only non-Asian who can compete with the Chinese. There are 4 types of top-spin: 

The “spin” top spin is a top spin made with very fine contact, but at very high speed, the ball spins a lot, it is very difficult for the opponent to control. The ball catch is carried out in the descending phase. The top spin rotation is often performed on a cut ball, where the player is said to “take the initiative” of the game. 
The “hit” spin top is a top made with extremely hard ball-to-racket contact. The ball spins a lot too, but the blow is much more powerful. It requires a placement in relation to the ball to the millimeter, and an optimal use of supports. This blow is a terminal blow, it is used to mark the point. It also allows balls to be top-spined without effect. 
The top spin “speed” is a top spin performed very early in the trajectory of the ball, almost on the rebound. The dominant component is above all speed, which, associated with positioning, allows you to surprise the opponent. Obviously, the “speed players” (cf: the style of play), use this top spin in priority.
The “false” top spin is a special move. It requires experience and touch of the ball. The player pretends to have spin on the ball, but hardly any, thanks to a release of the fingers on the racket, and a relaxation of the muscles of the arm. The opponent, seeing only fire, prepares a counter shot (block ...), and very often the ball ends up in the net. Reading error. The variation in the amount of effect is constant at high level, it is less so at regional or departmental level. Mastering this shot is often the guarantee of scoring points, and also of making your opponent lose some hair!  You can find more information about table tennis service training at our website Ping Pong Table #1 Destination For All Your Queries !

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